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How to Easily Write Original Prose Paraphrase Online

When you are paraphrasing a poem, there are a lot of things that you should consider as to ensure the quality of your poems. The first thing that you should decide as to whether or not simply direct quote a few lines from the original poem instead of paraphrasing it. It is always important that you should express the message of the poem, the best way possible using your own original words. Another important factor in prose paraphrase is the usage of words. It is crucial that you use rich vocabularies not only to express the meaning of the prose but also to attract the attention of your readers. Always effectively use the right words and structure to ensure that your final poem will retain its strength and properly convey the message of the poem. Prior to attempting to paraphrase a few lines from the poem, make sure that you are already familiar with the message as this will make it easier for you to paraphrase.

Tips on How to Paraphrase a Poem into Prose

Sometimes you might need to write a prose paraphrase of the poem. When it’s not time to recite the poem but to bring out the salient points in a poem you might need to do a prose paraphrase. So, these are some of the tips to guide you:

  • To paraphrase a poem adequately you need to first read the poem to get the true meaning, central idea and understand the message the poet tries to communicate.
  • Poems make use of different figures of speech, metaphors, allegory, irony, oxymoron, etc. You need to be sure the manner of speech and how it can affect the meaning of the text. You can better deploy your knowledge of the poet’s intentions in a prose rephrase.
  • Are there symbolic representations? What societal block, social vices, and rhetorical questions did the poet make use of to present the poem? You need to understand the background and appreciate the writer’s point of view to do an effective prose paraphrase.
  • There might be a need to maintain certain intricate parts of the original poem in its original state. Use quotations to keep some parts of the poem in a prose to maintain its value in the prose.
  • After reading the original poem several times try first to recite and then write the poem in your words. That should be the first draft of the prose paraphrase.
  • Read through the original poem to see if your prose rephrase contains the central themes contained in the poem without vital omissions.
  • After you write a prose paraphrase of the poem remember to edit your work for grammar, spellings and grammar structure.
  • Finally, proofread your prose paraphrase for errors.

Example of Poem to Prose Paraphrasing

It’s the land of the ‘virtuals’

A land where possibilities are endless

Location is mindless

Restrictions are baseless

You can be the dream

You can do the dream

Only need to know the drill

And avoid the drift

It’s the land of frustration and opportunities

Some get it right from the start

Others get out frustrated

But those who seek mentors and ask questions see the light

They make it to the land of the greens

Greens, where the grass is always green

They work from home,

They develop the web,

They develop apps

Sell information products,

Write scripts and more

The sacrifice include late nights,

All for the Golden Fleece- just a little more dollars

The goal?

How to earn a 6 or 7 figure income online

I have made it thus far.

Now, how about you?

(Original Poem: Excerpts from Vwede Ohworho – Title: “The Work-At-Home Gurus”)

Prose Paraphrase:

The life of the ‘virtuals’ refers to the online freelancer, web developer, graphics designer, affiliate marketer, etc. It offers an arduous life where some fail at it and others succeed. Some end up with earning a 6 to 7 dollar income online over time. Others face frustration and give it all up.

So much goes into working online; sleepless nights online just to make the Golden Fleece. But the good thing is everyone gets equal opportunity to try, to dream and to excel. The reward is in dollars for some.

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After making sure that you are already familiar with the message of the poem, you can write your own version in another paper. You can also try to recite using your own words as this ensures that you will not directly copy from the original poem.  Make sure that you check your original content to your own version; check for any similar words and replace those with better ones. In prose rephrase, you should always consider the overall content of your poem. Avoid being too literal but be sure to communicate the message clearly and effectively. Use only your own words; if you think it is cheap, replace it with better words to ensure rich vocabulary and proper flow of your poem. Do not worry if you are having difficulties with paraphrasing your poem as there are innovative solutions available online that can provide you quick and professional paraphrasing help.

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