Don’t Get Busted: How Colleges Check for Plagiarism Online


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How Do Colleges Check a Paper for Plagiarism?

Checking plagiarism or uniqueness of the content isn’t difficult for the colleges or universities at all. It was a challenging thing to do a decade ago. Now, the students can’t cheat on their teachers by submitting copied assignments. These days, the colleges are relying upon a trusted online tool to check a paper for plagiarism. It is none other than Turnitin. The website offers different pages for teachers and students. The teachers can use this tool only if the college authorities have registered their institution on the website. The students can also sign up for this site. It is worth using Turnitin as the tool provide 100% precise results for checking content’s uniqueness. If you don’t know how to detect plagiarism and how to solve this issues, keep reading.

Ways to Overcome This Issue: How to Check Plagiarism Turnitin?

There are many ways to avoid internet plagiarism. First of all, paraphrasing is the best way to make your content unique. Secondly, you can also add citation in case of using someone’s content to overcome this issue. The use of quotations is also beneficial if you’re writing two to three copied words in a row. The use of passive voice sentences is also a best idea to save your text from plagiarism. However, some teachers don’t like passive voice sentences so you need to identify it first of all. To check plagiarism turnitin, the website require college authorities to sign up first so that all faculty become able to use the tool. The students would also have to take consent of their college/university to make an account on turnitin. Such strict policies already show the credibility of this site and tool.

The Paraphrasing Tips Every Student Should Follow

The paraphrasing or rephrasing is the best way to make your content 100% unique. However, some paraphrasing tips can work like icing on a cake by making your document worth reading again and again.

  • Read the sentence more than once to understand it properly. This is the best way to recreate any sentence without changing its original meaning.
  • You must have great English vocabulary. If it isn’t, then the suggested way is to search the synonymous words to be used in the sentences.
  • If there is no way to reword a sentence or you’re finding it hard to do, then simply make it a passive voice sentence.
  • If you find all of the mentioned tips difficult, then read each sentence and write that in your won words without copying a single word. It is only possible if you’re a native English speaker or you’ve good command over English language.

Do you how colleges check for plagiarism online? Here is the answer of this question with the valuable tips for paraphrasing. Now, you can create a plagiarism-free content with no hassle.