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Environment of a company

VolaTech is a programming firm that specializes in end-user, and customer defined enterprise software. It has recently acquired a five storey building that will enhance massive operations as it looks towards extending its business to international level. Acquisition of new premises is due to a possible venture in cloud computing due to high demand for the service. The company hopes that venturing into cloud services will enhance its entrance into the global arena.

The company has designed all the floors to meet specific purposes; allocating its first floor to the marketing department and reception, second and third floors for operations and staff, fourth floor to accounts and management, and the fifth floor has been specifically designed to be the company’s server room. The entire building is installed with decent fire suppression equipment to save the situation in case of fire emergencies. Electrical lifts have been established to enhance floor to floor movement although the escalators are only available between the 1st and 2nd floors. Alarms have been set up virtually in all the entrances to ensure that the entire building is secure.

The server room basically occupies the entire fifth floor and its design has been given the biggest attention. This is because of the sensitivity of the room since all information regarding the company is kept there. The electrical lift is designed to go as far as the 4th floor to limit access to the server room. This means that only server administrators and the management have access to fifth floor. The room has no windows for security, and sound interference purpose. It is spacious with fantastic floor finishing that is anti-static.

The server room is equipped with world-class computer racks. The design for these racks is actually customized to specifications whereby they are grounded properly and embellished with seismic bracing. Since such a room requires enormous power, it is supplied with electrical power equipment that carries over 400 watts in a square foot. Also, uninterruptible power supply system is always available to ensure that servers are always running even when there are power outages as it acts as back-up.

Temperature and humidity of the server room has also been considered to the latter. Temperature is maintained by an air conditioning unit between 68°F to 75°F, which is considered to be the optimal range. To control humidity, the unit applies a chilled water system whereby entering water is usually about 45°F and exiting water at about 60°F. Air conditioning aims at achieving high system reliability and uptime. Maintaining a good air condition has enabled the company to avoid downtime issues, hence more reliability.

For cooling purposes, systems with ducts are used to ensure air distribution under-floor. There are, however, other top-notch mechanical systems that ensure the future of the servers is taken care of. The company has automatic systems that that have a shutdown capability whereby they work hand in hand with temperature monitors. There is sufficient ultimate redundancy installed hence a corrective measure in case the entire system is corrupted or is facing errors.

Being a technology company, the firm has embraced the technology in every possible section. Security alarms, entrances that require smart cards with chips, emergency backups, and out-of-the-world air conditioning units illustrate the current and possible future of VolaTech. It has designed itself not only for its operations and also its success.