Most Shameful Plagiarism Issues and How to Detect Plagiarism


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Plagiarism Online or Offline: Where It Is More Common?

The trend of publishing, submitting or sharing plagiarized content has become quite common these days. Majority of people don’t even know that copying someone’s words without any adjustments in content is a crime. If any region has no policies against this, then it doesn’t mean you can do it freely. The plagiarism is common in online publishing of content. It is also common among the students. Thanks to few online tools that stop writers to submit copied work to their supervisors. In short, it is getting common in all spheres of life. You always can use such plagiarism checker for students to be sure you’ve avoided any issues.

An Example of Plagiarism Taken from the History

The World’s history is full of the plagiarism’s examples. Here is the one that is being shared for a great addition in your knowledge. Many of us aren’t familiar with Martin Luther King Jr. who played vital role to bring major change in America and also won a Nobel Prize. Many people still remember his spectacular speech with the title “I Have a Dream”. In the year 1955, he wrote a dissertation for completing doctorate at Boston University. It was revealed after the approval of his dissertation that few sections of the content had been copied from writings of other authors.

An Example of Plagiarism in the Music Industry

The famous song that topped the Music charts in the year 2013 was “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke and Pharrell. It has been said that the song was imitation of 1977’s “Got to Give it up” by the famous singer of that time called Gaye. There are many other examples of plagiarized songs that garnered lots of appreciations from the people.

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The Foremost Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

Once we spread the word to avoid plagiarism, then people will follow us. Therefore, you must know about the workable ways to avoid plagiarism. Have a look at all of these enlisted ways.

  • One of the effective ways to avoid plagiarism is citation.
  • Use the quotation marks in case of using more than two words together.
  • Use passive voice sentences to make the content unique. But make sure that it must be readable.
  • Paraphrase the content by changing the words and sentences structure without changing the original meaning of the content.

All of these ways are very useful if you want to avoid plagiarism but failed to do it. Share this important piece of content with your friends too.

How to detect plagiarism? If you’re stuck to get answer of this question, then here is a full guide that may help you to overcome this issue. Read the best ways to avoid plagiarism as well.