7 Facts Everyone Should Know About Paragraph Rephrase

paragraph rephrase

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What is a paragraph rephrase?

Rephrasing or paraphrasing is the act of repeating what someone else has said or written using your own words. It is used extensively within academic writing so as to use what another has said within your own work and also online where many writers will want to ensure that they do not get penalized for repeating another site online. Typically we will be rewording paragraphs to:

  • To improve how they have been written and make it more engaging
  • To target a different audience for the writing
  • To simplify what has been written and make it easier to understand
  • To use without any issues with plagiarism

7 Things you should know about paragraph rephrase

Rewording paragraphs if not done correctly will leave you open to charges of plagiarism which could lead to you being removed from the course you are studying. Therefore great care must be taken when you paragraph rephrase to ensure that you do it correctly. The following 7 tips will help you to avoid plagiarism when you rephrase a paragraph.

  1. Using someone else’s words without credit (a citation or reference) is plagiarism and can land you in serious trouble.
  2. Direct quotations should be within quotation marks and a citation should always be given, even for short lengths of text.
  3. Just changing a few words within a text but leaving the same order and structure is still plagiarism.
  4. Changing the order of the text is still plagiarism.
  5. Using chunks of the original text with some of your own words is still plagiarism.
  6. Changing every word as a computer would for a synonym is still plagiarism.
  7. Paraphrasing without plagiarism requires a full understanding of the meaning of the paragraph and even a correct online paraphrase requires a full citation.

Can you use a paragraph changer generator?

A software rewording tool that will rephrase a paragraph is usually called a spinner. These software programs work by systematically changing each word or short phrase in turn for its synonym. Even the very best of these programs will create text that makes little sense and that can change the meaning of the original considerably. These programs require careful editing after use if you want to have useable text. You should also realize that most of the time it would still be plagiarism as the structure of the writing would be almost identical to the original.

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