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Paraphraser is important in rewriting and paraphrasing a text when you want to receive the plagiarism-free and clean paper. You can use a paraphrase machine for your needs or get help from a paraphrase rewriter. They are user-friendly and meticulously rewrite your paper. Usually, you would need to use any kind of auto paraphrase when you need to make paraphrasing quickly. But not always you will get the proper format and the source meaning would be not followed in the final result. That is why it would be better to choose a good text rephraser who has impressive experience in the field of rephrasing.

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If you want to submit a new paper with the same meaning but you don’t know how to paraphrase, you’d better seek help from word rephrase tools. There is an automatic paraphrase available online. It helps you to have a successful and well-re-written paper and ensures you will have an excellent output that flows smoothly and doesn’t contain mistakes. The benefits you get are enjoyable and make sure that your reader will love to read your essay. For using it all you need is to choose the exact part of the text you want to be rephrased by a paraphrase machine, insert it in it and you would get the instant rephrased text!

Auto Paraphrasing: Paraphrase Machine to Save Your Time and Money

If you have a hard time finding a reliable text paraphraser you don’t need to worry because there are reliable auto paraphrase tools for you. Many of the online paraphraser tools are available online. Feel free to check it to know what is working and what is not. In such way, you will find out which one is reliable for rewording your paper.

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The time you decide to use an online rewording tool, you are assured to receive complete satisfaction. Even though using them may have limits but the result you receive is incredible. There are tons of expectations you can receive from a certain tool, it will provide you with complete satisfaction, ease of use and ensure you to meet the deadline. There are tools for paraphrasing online that were designed for free and you can take advantage of it but expect that the benefits will be limited. There are tools that were made in ensuring you have a new copy of your paper. It ensures that you receive original, different style, better tone and more. Depending on the tool you choose, you can get what you want.

Auto Paraphrase VS Manual Paraphrasing

An auto paraphrase needs to be capable of making a paper that you can actually use. You need to make sure that tool works smoothly and effectively for crafting a quality paper. This is why after using the online tool you need to proofread it in order to check if it suggested suitable synonyms and restructured it correctly. Formatting is an additional task for you, make sure that the final draft meets all needed requirement.

When you need to paraphrase your work quickly paraphrasing machine is the best option to save your time. But if you need a high-quality result manual paraphrasing is much better. When you are relying on professional paraphrasing company you get work written by an expert who familiar with your subject area, proofread by the editor to ensure it free of any grammatical and spelling errors and typos. If you need to reach conclusion in the allotted time or you have limited knowledge on paraphrasing we can help you to get the desired result.

8 Famous Plagiarists in History

Whether or not you would become the next big victim of plagiarism depends on how well you handle your literary work today. Plagiarism underscores the importance of knowing with all certainty the source of your written content or speech.

famous plagiarists in history infographic

Now here are some of the loudest plagiarism issues in History involving different sections of society and people:

Students Involved in Academic Fraud

125 Harvard University students to face panel over the issue of plagiarism. The scourge of plagiarism finally makes its way into one of the world’s most prestigious citadel of learning as no fewer than 125 Harvard University undergrads are to face a disciplinary committee over allegations of copying another author work. Plagiarism, an act in the academics usually frowned at and treated with all seriousness was believed to have been committed by these Harvard undergraduates in the course of a take-home exam.

Examiners read through the student’s work only to see a glowing similarity in content depicting that they copied another author’s work instead of writing original content. With as much as 82% the number of students suspected of involving in plagiarism the educational sector seriously needs a revamping.

Mexican President, Pena Nieto Faces Plagiarism Accusation

Plagiarism seems to be having a filled day as the President of Mexico faces an allegation claim about copying as much as 29% of another author’s content as his during his law thesis in 1991. Meanwhile, with a wave of the hand, President Nieto states that the issue has no importance right now as it has to do with an occurrence that took place 25 years ago. More so, that it was a case of typos or style error and not a clear-cut case of academic fraud. Whether intentional or unintentional fraud having a reliable plagiarism checking tool should have been excellent enough for avoiding such embarrassing situations.

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Media Journalists Also Guilty of Plagiarism

Renowned News Magazine, Wired fires reporter over copy theft. It’s amazing that even one of the echelons of freedom of information and expression could also become a victim of plagiarism as the magazine Wired fires one of its young reporters, Nic Cavell over issues relating to plagiarism. Nic was taken to the dryer by a freelancer reporter from China who accused Wired of publishing her story without attributions. Close investigations by Wired management clearly indicts Nic and the rest is history.

Stealing Other Author’s Work without Attribution

Rewriting another author’s book for sale on Amazon: Ellis O’Hanlon and Ian McConnell are writers of popular crime drama series sold under the name Ingrid Black. They discovered another author on Amazon who copies parts of their books and repackages for sale still on Amazon. Obviously, Joanne Clancy was having a filled time plagiarizing Ingrid Black’s work and so she did not stop at one publication. It took Ingrid Black’s filing a complaint to Amazon who clamped down on Clancy to bring the ugly episode to an abrupt end but leaving Ellis and McConnell with their losses.

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Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hyderabad Admits to Making Errors Perceived to Be Plagiarism

Even the dons, persons expected to be at the epicentre of academic excellence can fall prey to the allure of plagiarism. Vice-Chancellor of India’s University of Hyderabad has today found his name written in the history of copycats. For an individual, at such academic heights, it speaks volume of how much plagiarism has its grip on society. 

The Vice-chancellor, Appa Rao Podile was found to co-author three papers containing copies of another author’s work. The Vice-chancellor finally admits to having such contents in his works but that they were mistakes promising to depend on plagiarism checking tools in the future and in the avoidance of a rehash of such scenarios.

New York Daily News Fall Victim to Plagiarism

It appears there can be no limit as to who would become a victim of plagiarism as one of America’s finest media organization, New York Daily News gets lured into the plagiarism trap. Whether intentional or not the New York Daily’s edition of 19th April contained an article bearing similarity with one already published by The Daily Breast.

It contained few but similar content used without any attributions include a typographical error contained in that of The Daily Breast. However, the New York Daily reporter exonerated himself of any act of plagiarism providing evidence with the bulk falling on the laps of the editor, Jotham Sederstrom as the guilty party for removing the attributions placed by King. And of course, Jotham’s mistake resulted in a sack.

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About 200 Professors from South Korea to Stand Trial for Plagiarism

It’s certainly a scandalous affair as about 200 university professors from about 50 universities have to stand trial over allegations of copy theft of plagiarism. Defenders of academic excellence and learning now become corrupters of the academic process through academic fraud. All 200 professors are to stand trial over their roles in fraudulently advancing their academic career through the aid of fake reviews. The professors through the connivance of publishers would publish the professors’ names on books claiming they were written by the professors as a way of getting reviews or promotion.

The Melania Trump Plagiarism Scandal

It would amaze you how seemingly simpler it feels to copy and paste another author’s content than to write yours originally. Maybe laziness or the sheer lack of will to respect other people’s intellectual property or at least give attribution is responsible. In this case, it is the all popular plagiarism scandal involving the current first lady of the United States of America.

Melanie Trump during the Republican National Convention speech for her husband read portions of a speech with some resemblance to those of former first lady, Michelle Obama which she delivered during the Democratic National Convention to support President Obama’s election. Who else to bear the brunt if not the first lady’s speechwriter, Meredith McIver but the truth is, it has happened and no matter who takes the blames it’s on record already. And plagiarism takes the day! But the use of an excellent paraphrasing tool or plagiarism checker could have saved the situation.

8 loudest plagiarism issues in History: Source


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