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Do you need a paper rewriter for a “rewrite my thesis” service? Paraphrasing is the act of retelling an article or story using your own words without changing the original meaning or thought. It involves rewriting, rewording, and reorganization processes. In this sense, you deliver your own version of the story while acknowledging the original context.  It is important to learn this skill especially for your writing assignment and many professional papers to accomplish in the future.

Most writing activities require paraphrasing skills, whether you’re working on rewording a paper or writing your own speech. It allows you to brainstorm on new ideas while anchoring your thoughts on the author’s original message.   If you’re looking for a rewriter to help you paraphrase your research and other contents, you can search online just by typing, “rewrite my thesis” or paraphrase my paper.

Consequences of Plagiarism in Academic Writing

Plagiarism is a serious crime and many individuals have been convicted and paid the price. Many people think that by changing some the words of the original text, they’re very free from plagiarizing. No.

Here is the list of the consequences of what might happen when you plagiarized and not reword a paper in the academia:

  • It can ruin your reputation as a student: Teachers know plagiarized articles when they see one. As an educator, they know the capability of their students and who are the ones who just hired an online paper rewriter. When caught using plagiarized contents, students are exposed and the risk to be expelled is really high. It is also very hard to transfer from one school to another, as the reason for your expulsion will be reflected in your documents.
  • Professionals have stripped off their credibility: If you’re a professional who writes on behalf of an educational institution, you are not only endangering your job but the whole academe as well. Using plagiarized articles in school papers, speeches, and other forms of published documents in academic writing can cause your suspension, or worse, dismissal.
  • Facing the legal and financial penalties: Plagiarism has corresponding penalties – both in legal and financial aspects. This is why it is important to acknowledge and seek permission from the original author when using a source material. If proven guilty of the crime, a person may face monetary penalties and imprisonment upon committing this crime.

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Some Facts about Paraphrasing

Below are some of the published studies and facts about paraphrasing:


“Paraphrasing methods recognize, generate, or extract phrases, sentences, or longer natural language expressions that convey almost the same information. Textual entailment methods, on the other hand, recognize, generate, or extract pairs of natural language expressions…”

Inside Highered

“Paraphrasing tools, freely available online, can fool plagiarism detection software, study finds – International Journal for Educational Integrity, an open-access journal published by Springer.”

Tips on Paraphrasing

The following tips are tested guidelines in paraphrasing. They have been used by both students and professionals in many institutions, publishing, and corporate businesses. Check them out and use them on your next rewording tasks:

  • Read the entire paragraph first: The objective of paraphrasing is to restate the story using your own words. Read the entire paragraph and list down important ideas. Then begin writing around it using your own words – the way you understood the text.
  • Not knowing the difference between paraphrasing vs. summarizing is a common mistake: People are often mistaken paper paraphrasing vs summarizing. There is a huge difference. Summarizing is shortening the text without changing the message while paraphrasing is writing the message in your own words.
  • Restructuring: One technique in paper paraphrasing is to restructure or change the general look of the sentence. You can flip the sentence, change the voice, or totally overhaul the words.
  • Understand the text: Your goal is to communicate the message without using the original text. You can do this by understanding the message first. Write it on how you understand it and polish some loose ends.
  • Do not use the thesaurus: Some people think that when you change the word into its synonyms, you are free from plagiarism. This is not true. To avoid this, use your own words and refrain from consulting the thesaurus.
  • Break down sentences: Longer sentences are tedious to read but they offer the best technique to paraphrase. You can cut longer sentences and make up your own.
  • Think original: Use resource materials as references only. You must think that you need to create your own content, something that you can call your own. Isn’t that better?
  • Read and edit your work: Once you’re done paraphrasing, do what professionals do – read and edit. This allows you to see the traces of the original text. Editing also gives you the opportunity to check for any errors such as grammar, punctuation, and structural errors.

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7 Techniques for Rephrasing

Rephrasing is the art and science of representing an existing idea with different words or phrases. Rephrasing helps you say something in a different light without losing the original context or line of thought. Rephrasing helps you understand the original writer’s point of view or mind-set but say it in your voice. Plagiarism in general terms could be considered as a crime or fraud against society. It is an act of using another person’s work without attributions. Writers, academicians, students, web content developers, bloggers and more need content daily for different reasons. Rephrasing and idea, literary work or page helps individuals develop an original line of thoughts from an existing line of thought. Now here are 7 sleek and efficient techniques for rephrasing content without becoming a fraudster- plagiarist:

  • Add something new: To make it increasingly clear your content is not a copy and paste work or an abridged version of an existing work besides changing keywords and phrases you can read further on the subject matter and add a more recent fact not mentioned in the original work.
  • Rewrite using a different set of words and phrases: To do an excellent rephrasing you need to be abreast with word choices, synonyms, and antonyms to help spice up your work. 
  • Rewrite by paragraph by sentence: It pays to rewrite your content using the paragraph by paragraph system as against the sentence by sentence system.
  • Represent numbers and percentage differently: When rephrasing your work, numbers and percentages provide an easy way to reformat your page without falling for plagiarism.
  • Rearrange your word structure. Your goal is to make your work perfect in all ways. Make it easier to read and to understand by avoiding complicated sentences structure and abstruse phrases.
  • Rearrange your attributions. All of the regards must be written using a different set of words – that can help eliminate plagiarism.
  • Work from the same page with both original and your work: When you place maybe a paragraph of the original text at the bottom of the same page of the current work it will be a lot easier for you to rewrite using different word structure and connecting words. It also makes it possible to check if there are differences in the original content and the rephrased content. At the end, always remember to delete the original content to avoid submitting or uploading it with your rephrased work as you would still be guilty of plagiarism at last.

Note that for APA style you should add the in-text citation with author’s last name and publication year when rephrasing contents with citations.

Professional Paraphrasing Services VS Online Tools

Many students opt to online paraphrasing tools thinking that they are easy to use and widely available. Little that they know, those tools are not 100% reliable. Here are some ideas to help you:

  • Professional paraphrasing services are done manually.
  • Editing is more crucial in professional paraphrasing.
  • Online tools are merely software generated.
  • Rewording a paper by a professional paraphrasing uses human language
  • Online services are less creative
  • Professional paraphrasing conducts research and editing.
  • Professional paraphrasing reviews and reads the product before sending them back to the client.
  • Too many people are using online services and they are providing similar content, making them susceptible to plagiarism.

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