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It is very important to make use of a rephrase tool when you are writing a paper, a letter or any document that will be read and scrutinized by readers. This is because it is illegal to use the words of another writer without making a reference to the work from which you obtained these exact words. With the wealth of information that is available on any given topic, your paper would be filled with quotes from others and that means you did not present any original ideas or interpretation in your writing. This is why it is of great significance that you use a word rephraser tool or rephrasing software such as we provide.

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What Are the Possible Consequences of Plagiarism?

  • A rephrasing tool could be quite helpful in the fight against plagiarism. Plagiarism involves citing another author’s work without acknowledging them or referencing the author. It involves using another author’s work copiously or making lengthy quotes from a person’s work. Self-plagiarism is the act of copying a work written by you into another work without acknowledging or referencing the initial work.
  • Rustication from school. Students involved in using rephrasing tools online most times get caught by their professor as submitting plagiarised content and that could lead to expulsion, a repeat of semester or coursework.
  • Loss of professional benefits. A professional caught in the act of plagiarism can lose his or her professional license or other benefits derivable.
  • Copyright infringement. You can infringe on another author’s copyright when you use part of their content in your work without acknowledging them. Such actions could result in a legal tussle leading to a fine running into hundreds or thousands of dollars. Hence some persons use a sentence rephrase tool online but it will do you more good than harm to get professional online paraphrasing service help.
  • Loss of integrity. Once you get noticed or caught for plagiarism, integrity lost takes far more to regain or rebuild. But you can save yourself the hassle by using a rephrasing tool or better still get professional paraphrasing service help at once.

Pros and Cons of Using Online Rephrase Tool

  • Fresh content. You enjoy fresh not already used content when you make use of a sentence rephrase tool online.
  • Eliminates plagiarism. With a rephrasing tool online you should be free from plagiarism as it churns out new words for existing words in the document.
  • Instant reworded content. It is very fast to use. It saves time but supplies you with a new document.
  • Eliminate using lengthy quotes. Instead of using lengthy quotes from other authors in your work, using a rephrase tool makes your paper more of your words that an author’s quotes.
  • It’s a free tool. Most rephrase tools provided online offer free paraphrasing service to help you get started.
  • Beat the deadline. Because rephrasing tools get the job done fast you get a fresh paper instantly, no time delays or waiting period.
  • Inaccurate paraphrase. As much as a rephrasing tool sounds great it does not deliver an accurate work even up to 85%.
  • Changes the meaning. A rephrase tool in most situations can kill the true meaning of the paragraph because it merely changes words. Sometimes the word choice does not tally with the content.
  • Expensive to use premium tools. Premium rephrasing tools exist online but might be even more expensive than seeking professional help with manually rewriting the paper.
  • Cannot proofread or edit content. Most rephrase tools cannot proofread or edit your papers. And with the number of adjustments made using a rephrasing tool it becomes even more complicated to try to make sense and edit the paper to perfection.

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A Rephrasing Tool with a Human Touch

The use of the term “rephrase tool” conjures up ideas of a computer program that is an online rephrase tool. While we do provide our service online for the convenience of our clients we do not use the software in any aspect of what we call a sentence rephrase tool. All the rewording, rephrasing and paraphrasing word is performed manually by professional writers that have a vast command of vocabulary. They are also skilled in specific areas in which you need assistance in ensuring that the technical terms and jargon of the topic are used correctly.

If you decided to rephrase with us you can be sure in:

  • High-quality result
  • The uniqueness of the text
  • Thorough rephrasing
  • Attention to details from our pros
  • Revision on demand
  • Delivery on time

An online sentence rephraser must be in constant command of the content and the meaning of the text so that nothing gets lost as will happen if you rely on a computerized rephrasing tool. The first step the writer takes is to read the document in full so as to comprehend the theme and the supporting evidence. Then the job of using our online rephrase tool begins starting with the first sentence and paragraph. Different words are used that convey the same idea and sentences are reordered to provide a continuous flow.

The Best Online Rephrase Tool

The best sentence rephrase tool you can use is an actual person who makes sure that the sentences and paragraphs make sense when they are read and that the writing is free of all errors.

Make sure your paper is free of plagiarism by availing the help of our rephrase tool. Or you can depend on our professional writers. Place your order today!