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7 Things You Should Know About

Reformulating something is the act of repeating what someone else has said or written using own words. It is used extensively within academic writing so as to use what another has said within the work and also online where many writers want to ensure they do not get penalized for repeating another site. Typically we’d do to:

  • To improve how they have been written and make it more engaging
  • To target a different audience
  • To simplify what has been written and make it easier to understand
  • To use without any issues with plagiarism

Paragraph rephrase if not done correctly would leave you open to charges of plagiarism which could lead to you being removed from the studying course. Therefore great care must be takento ensure you do it correctly. The following 7 tips would support you to avoid duplicates when are trying to create new content.

  • Using someone else’s words without credit (a citation or reference) is plagiarism and may land you in serious trouble
  • Direct quotations should be within quotation marks and a citation should always be given, even for short lengths of text
  • Just changing a few words within a text but leaving the same order and structure is still plagiarism
  • Changing the order of the text is still content piracy
  • Using chunks of the original text with some of your own words is still plagiarism
  • Changing every word as a computer would for a synonym is still plag

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The Purpose of Paragraph Rephrasing

The purpose of rephrasing paragraphs is saving us time. Instead of writing a new statement out from scratch, we could instead bring up an existing one related to a specific subject matter, before turning it into our own phrases. The purpose is twofold: You’re required to turn the text into own words so that you won’t be guilty of plagiarism, and you also need to extract the original idea. It’s also essential.

There would be an occasion in everyone’s life when we want to rephrase paragraph. Generally, we resort to the process when we’re short on time or fresh out of ideas. Or maybe we just want to rehash old content, or even simplify complex sentence so that it’s easier for our audience to comprehend.

We Help You with Writing Unique Content

If you have been asked to paragraph rephrasing and you are not sure about how you do it, do not fret. Of course, it is somewhat difficult. The process may be easy when you know some tips. If you’re wondering how to rephrase a paragraph, here are our top tips to support you:

  • Know what is rehashing means. To rephrase paragraphs, it is important you know what it is all about. You have to express the same ideas in a different way. You have to know it so that you would avoid committing mistakes.
  • Do not compare it with outlining. These two things are completely different. In summing up, you are getting the important points while in reformulating, you are changing the whole text with the usage of own expressions but making sure the meaning would be retained.
  • Read the text thoroughly. You couldn’t write properly unless you fully understand the source material. Familiarise yourself with it by reading the original over and over.
  • Don’t make the text shorter. It does not mean you should make the text shorter. Try to keep the previous length.
  • Hide the resource away. To make sure you don’t copy any parts outright, hide the source away before making a start.
  • Word choice. It is important to change the word choice. You should change the words which are used in the paper. As a writer, you need to present the information in a unique way without changing the first message.
  • Use thesaurus. Using thesaurus as your guide for word choice is not a bad idea. It may be your help so that you are sure of what you are writing.
  • Structure. Changing also the structure of the statement is important. You have to put the sentences in a way which would make sense because doing it would lead a reader on what is the idea you are presenting.

Example of a Rephrased Parts of Content

To inspire you, here is an example of an original content which we have turned into our versions:


“In terms of practicality, few cars in this market can compete with this one when it comes to interior space. Indeed, the only one that comes relatively close is the Rolls Royce Dawn. There is plenty of room for four people, but things do get a tad claustrophobic when the roof is up. The rear small windows don’t help this. However, take the roof down and you feel as free as a bird, while access is as easy as pie.”


“No other car in this sector can rival the Mercedes when it comes to practicality. The only one that really competes with it is the Rolls Royce Dawn. Four people will have lots of room, though when the roof is up things can get a bit cramped. Once the roof is own, there is lots of space, while getting in and out of the car is a cinch.”

Is It Okay If I Use Some Generator for My Work?

Rephrasing a paragraph is something of a skill and even an art form. It isn’t always simple, but in an increasingly connected world where communication is ever-evolving. Essentially, you change the phrases so that it looks like your own original work. Getting the balance right is not easy. If you’re struggling to rephrase a paragraph, let’s take a look at how to solve the problem.

A machine is usually called a spinner. These software programs work by systematically changing each sentence or short phrase in turn for its synonym. Even the very best of these programs would create a text which makes little sense and it may change the meaning of the original considerably. These programs require careful editing after use if you want to have useable text. reword my text accurately

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