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Do you know it takes more than just writing but the best article rewriter to give you fresh, high-quality, SEO friendly written content always? Not everyone is cool with writing articles, some do it out of necessity, others see it as cumbersome and time-consuming, and still, more have a phobia for writing while others even see it as a bore. Hence some persons would rather depend on an article rewording machine to get the job done fast and reliably.

Whatever reason you have for not writing, the good news is, you don’t have to write anything if you don’t want to. We present to you the ever-ready article rephraser or rewriter online to get the job done in recorded time and with all efficiency.

Again you might want to ask how possible will it be to get a rewriting service that can give you exactly what you want.  Choosing the best paraphraser or rewriting service could be a great challenge. What more with the numerous companies offering mouth-watering services you might want to be careful so you don’t get a plagiarized article from your rewriter online.
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Why Use an Article Rewriter Online?

No doubt an article rewriter online should save you time and money. Here is why you might need an article rewriter online:

  • New content. The need for fresh contents for your blogs and website sentence after sentence might make the need for a rewording tool a necessity.
  • Phobia for writing. Sometimes for even the best writer, writing could be a drag. so for those who love or do not love writing, using the online writing tool can help you rewrite your text or article before you do the final editing to get the best results.
  • Newer content. It works in several ways, now, I have multiple blogs maybe with similar content, rewording tool can help me create uniqueness out of each article. It also makes it easier to just edit, avoid plagiarism and not infringe on someone’s copyright.
  • When on a low budget. If you cannot afford the service of a content writer then article rewording tool can help you rephrase any article before you create the twist you desire to make the article SEO friendly and unique.

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Facts About Article Reworder or Rewriting

  • Using another author’s work verbatim without attribution or rewriting in your own words is not rewording but cheating, a term known as plagiarism.
  • Plagiarism and cheating during exams, assignments and for publications occur regularly around us. Let’s see some instances: MBA students, Duke University found cheating, a professor at Maryland, Naval Academy student and 125 Harvard students all involved in cheating.
  • The Fareed Zakarias scandal.
  • As much as article reworder or online rewording tools offer excellent services they cannot deliver 100% accuracy with rewriting your articles. To get excellent plagiarism free content and avoid copyright infringement you must edit and proofread contents manually by after using the rewriting tool.

How I Rewrite My Article and How You Can Too

Here is what I do when I want to rewrite my article, maybe it can help you too:

  • Choose a high-quality article. Whether writing from scratch with newly created content or using an online rewriting tool first select a very interesting topic. Make sure it is a topic with a lot of resources online to guide you. Also, ensure the article is high-quality.
  • Use a rewording tool. Use a reliable online rewording tool just like this one you have found here. Input the article into the rewording tool and allow the rephrasing of the article.
  • Read through the entire article. First, read your selected article before placing in the rephraser. Then after rephrasing online, read through the article to see what you have now.
  • Identify the key components. You can identify keywords and phrases and look for a replacement for them. Alternatively, use a plagiarism checker to know if the work comes out unique or carries plagiarized content.
  • Find a replacement for words, phrases, and sentences. Look for words or phrases to replace any content that is not unique or comes as plagiarized.
  • Good to go. Send your work to the plagiarism checker again to be sure if there you would still find errors but none then you are good to go.
  • Write using these techniques. However, to make your work more unique even when it does not indicate plagiarized content you can do this:

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Likely Mistakes When Trying to Rewrite Article Online

In a situation when you need to incorporate the ideas of another author into your paper without changing the meaning you need to be very careful in order to avoid plagiarism. You need to represent all key points without missing anything out with your own words. Here are some mistakes you need to avoid while paraphrasing:

Copying contents without attribution

Without much exposure to the act of writing it doesn’t take so much before one becomes guilty of plagiarism. When you use another author’s work you have a higher chance to copy part of the person’s article. Once you use a work without acknowledging the source you already become guilty of plagiarism. But using an efficient rewrite article online can help save you time and from plagiarism.

Replacing words with other words

Some writers make the mistake of thinking that once you have replaced an existing word in a text without another word it becomes okay. But the truth is, rewording goes beyond replacing one word with another word. The best form of rewording is the one where the central idea alone remains but 85% of the entire text can change.

Unintentional plagiarism

People sometimes become guilty of unintentional plagiarism when they use phrases in another author’s work without knowledge. Hence, relying on professional help to reword article can save you from being guilty of copyright and plagiarism issues.

Why Choose Our Professional Article Rephraser

What we offer:

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