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Do you want to ensure that your work in free from paraphrase plagiarism? Internet is both a help and a problem. Essays, research papers and journals, among other academic works are readily available. It is tempting to copy and paste another person’s work and use it for your very own submission. However, it’s not the right way to go. Today, plagiarism is a growing problem, not only in schools, but also in business and other industries.

While the internet and other sources make research and writing easier and faster, they can also be sources of problems when plagiarism can also be easily committed. For that reason, you would need a paper rewriter that can rewrite or rephrase content, and then ensure it is original and free from plagiarism later. By hiring one, you can avoid the professional, personal, legal and ethical consequences of plagiarism.

Plagiarism Rewriter: What Is Paraphrasing?

An essay reworder knows exactly what paraphrasing is. At the very least, paraphrasing is presenting information and ideas from a written work but using very own wording or voice and keeping the essence or meaning of the original. An essay reworder can rewrite an essay, presentation, report or journal for you. One can ensure that you’re keeping the main ideas and set of information as presented by the author in his or her work.

So remember according to a good plagiarism rewriter, paraphrasing is translating the content from your research but into your wording to demonstrate the readers that you have understood and that you’re able to deliver this message to them.

Plagiarism Paraphrasing: Statistical Facts

Do you want to know how worse plagiarism is getting today? You probably want to know of some facts and stats surrounding and about this problem. Get started by checking out the following data. If you’re not doing a Turnitin check or hiring a rewriter, then you might be a part of the statistics soon.

  • “A” or nothing: According to Glass Castle, struggling students were more likely to cheat to survive, but not now. Even the above-average cheats. In fact, 73% of test takers cheat at some point. In addition, high school students, about 83%, agreed. Today, cheating is no longer a stigma. Students are now more willing to do whatever it takes to get an “A” grade.

Little they know that they can actually do their own “remove plagiarism from my essay” by paraphrasing correctly. It involves the process of translating another work into their words to keep its meaning and convey the correct message. The wording to avoid copied text must not be as close to that of the source. In that case, they need to understand the meaning of the essay correctly, write what they understood and check later for correctness of information presented, and not leaving the citation in the text or in the reference page of their research paper.

academic plagiarism statistics

Check for plagiarism published other statistics relate to plagiarism:

  • 4 out of 5 high achievers admitted cheating on academic work. The data is based on the 1998 survey “Who’s Who among American High School Students.” A majority of the students said that cheating wasn’t a big deal – and that no one was caught anyway.
  • Another alarming statistics revealed that out of 16,000 students, 66% of them coming from US universities, admitted to cheating at least once (Rutgers University study). Twelve percent reported that they were regular cheaters, meaning about 7 out of 10 cheat.
  • According to the University of Berkeley officials, the number of cheaters has increased by 744% (1993-1997).

Remove Plagiarism from My Essay: Common Problems When Paraphrasing

What are paraphrasing common struggles? Paraphrasing isn’t an easy task for many students who are unaware on how to do it correctly. In most cases, they suffer from the following problems.

  • They find it hard understanding what they read: Paraphrasing is a technique used by professors and teachers to test their students’ comprehension skills. This is a problem for some students. They cannot reword correctly because they don’t understand what they read.
  • Another problem is just changing a few words around or switching them out with synonyms: According to Academic guides it one of the biggest problems. You must not rewrite changing synonyms for words. Words may change in meaning when used in another context.
  • Not citing the source of the information is another problem: When paraphrasing, you must cite your source through in-text referencing or using direct quotes.

Why Hire Professional Paraphrasing Services

They offer editing service to remove plagiarism, and they can rewrite text to contain the same meaning as the original essay or paper. They know how to perform proper editing service to remove plagiarism so that you can submit well-polished and meaningful essays without any traces of copying from the source.

They also know how to write flawlessly. This time around, you don’t need to worry about editing your paper later. So aside from a free plagiarism check and writing, they can also do thorough editing for your essay.


They offer you with plenty of benefits, as they don’t only do rewriting plagiarism, but they also provide you with the following:

  • Timely service: They can submit your paper on time so that you can also beat your deadline for submission. These services can ensure of a timely delivery of your essay, making sure you don’t miss another deadline!
  • Free plagiarism check: You don’t need to do it yourself later. They can perform a run of your content in a powerful anti plagiarism tool, which works to trace any hints or clues of copying in your paper.
  • Rewriting plagiarism made accurate: They know how to write well and edit your text carefully without any hassle. One of their secrets is comprehension of the main points or ideas in the original essay. From there, they can start rewriting with the same meaning of the source.

There you have what to know about plagiarism stats and common problems faced by students and professionals in rewording an essay or paper.  You don’t have to suffer from any stress anymore, as there are professionals to help you with your tasks.

Never submit copied work again. Get help from the experts to paraphrase plagiarism today!