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Paraphrasing and summarizing are two different tasks that are usually interchanged and confused upon. If you are writing your academic paper, it is necessary to know the difference and to learn which one to use for different occasions.

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Difference Between Summarizing and Paraphrasing

In order to summarize an article, you would need to shorten the length of the entire source and come up with a shorter version without having to get rid of the main idea and important details. The goal of a summary is to make sure that the most important points are focused on and emphasized in the shorter version. The length of the original text could be reduced only if the major ideas and arguments are highlighted.

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The usual size of a summary is approximately 75% of the length of the original output. It is shorter compared to the paraphrased version and can be condensed and selective. Just like in paraphrasing though, you should use your own words in wiring a summary but you should also make sure to include all the important details in order to learn how to summarize an article.

When it comes to paraphrasing, it is longer than the summary in length. This is because besides using your own words, you would also need to add an explanation in order to clarify the details better and be more specific in some cases. You can use rephrasing online tool to help you along the way.

Despite using your own words though, it is necessary to take note that you have to avoid adding too many words that come from the original text in order to avoid plagiarism issues. If you are having a hard time with this task, there is paraphrasing service for South Africa students offered today.

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Why You Should Hire Summarizing Service to Summarize Articles

If you are wondering, “Who can summarize my paper?”, “Who can summarize my essay?”, or “Who can summarize my text”? there are existing services to help you with this problem. While you can easily know and a big difference between summarizing and paraphrasing, it can still be a difficult task to do, especially if you are already lacking the time and resources. What you can do instead is to hire the experts to help you with it. And more than just accomplishing the task, you also get to enjoy more advantages and benefits in the process.

Summarizing help services are provided by expert writers. They know how to deal with summarizing and paraphrasing services that they won’t need to allow more time to accomplish the task. Interested students would simply need to conveniently send the experts an email and details about the task in order to finish these tasks.

These services provide students with the best end product they could have in short period of time. This in itself showcases the professionals’ capability to cater to all types of paper writing needs. You can easily send them a message- “help me with my summary” and you will be assured to have only the best.

Different Writing Services to Avail by Students

Summarizing is not only the service offered today in the online world. In fact, expert writers can also create papers like an essay, article, research paper, publication, thesis and book. These are lots options to choose from in the process. And the services offered by the company include summarizing, paraphrasing, editing, and proofreading.

Summarizing is the highest form of class paraphrasing that can be more effective in producing a written output. Paraphrasing service is the general kind of service offered today. While the editing and proofreading services are the ones used after the first draft has been produced and provided.

Students get to enjoy these services, not only because the output is produced by a professional writer. It also delivers incredible quality and has a money back option for students who unfortunately don’t want the end product. Students can also rely on the 24/7 support, where they can ask about some details they have no knowledge of, including plagiarism check that will help them avoid legal issues in the long run. Writing summaries would definitely take more than just reading the original text and cutting it half and claim the first half to be your own. Use your own words or rely on the expertise of the professionals who are trying to help you.

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