How to Avoid Self-Plagiarism: Tips for Rephrasing APA and MLA Academic Papers

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Are you wondering how to avoid self-plagiarism? Tips for rephrasing APA, MLA, college, academic papers and more are available from our online rephraser team. The self-plagiarism definition, also known as recycling fraud, is when you reuse your own work without specifying that you are. Can you plagiarize yourself in college? Many people think that plagiarism only applies to stealing someone else’s work and not crediting them, but it can also happen even with your own work. If you use the same or similar passages of content for multiple assignments, you are at risk of self-plagiarism.

You need to make sure you are not using the same chunks of texts in different papers. If you would like to use them, you must let the reader know and cite your previous work. There is nothing wrong with bringing up past material, but it is essential to be upfront about it and not try to pass it off as new content. There are very serious consequences to not submitting original work. Plagiarism and recycling of any kind can have an impact on your grades and your academic record or even get you expelled. But aside from this, it can also damage your reputation, such as in the case of the well-known chemist Ronald Breslow and other self-plagiarism examples.

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How to Avoid Self-Plagiarism?

What is self-plagiarism and how to avoid it? If you plan to use a previous paper of yours in a later assignment, you can obviously use appropriate citation to avoid the issue. But maybe you just want to include small bits of information without actually citing the whole thing. If you are only using a few sentences here and there, it may be possible to simply use paraphrasing and summarizing and include these now original sentences in your paper or dissertation, but you should know the difference in summary vs paraphrasing. Or if you have enough quotations scattered throughout your paper, you might want to paraphrase to avoid the need to quote. But you will still need to avoid self-plagiarism it possible to plagiarize your own work

Is it possible to plagiarize your own work? Can a person plagiarize themselves? Some people believe that an author’s words are theirs to use as they see fit. But you just need to cover yourself anyway. Do you want to know how to avoid self-plagiarism? Tips for rephrasing APA, MLA, college, academic papers include:

  • Summarizing the original. Read the original piece and summarize it in your own words without looking at it. This way, it won’t be possible to copy directly.
  • Using the thesaurus sparingly. It is not enough to just change a few words to similar ones. You might lose the intended meaning or stick too closely to the original.
  • Avoiding identical sequences of words. You should not include exact phrases or sentences because it will be obvious they have been lifted. You need to write completely new ones.
  • Keeping the meaning the same. It is important to make sure that the same ideas come across well if this is your desired goal. Changing a few words can give a whole new meaning.
  • Comparing the two yourself. Reading the two papers and looking for similarities will help you to not plagiarize. If you notice any red flags so will others.

There are many reasons why you might want to paraphrase something. You might want to rewrite something to avoid citing it at all or because you already have enough quotations as citations and would prefer to paraphrase. Whatever your reason, you can check your paper for self-plagiarism using our rephrasing tips to ensure originality. It is always best to double check your own work for possible instances of plagiarism. If you are in doubt, simply cite the original work and there won’t be any problem. There are many services such as Turnitin that can help you avoid it.

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Avoid Self Plagiarism Paraphrasing by Citing Yourself

Walden University suggests that you seek the approval of your instructor when using previous sections of work. They recognize that students will often be doing several assignments on similar topics and that overlap is bound to happen, but that if you are knowingly reusing content, you must seek approval. You might be wondering how it is possible to cite yourself or what you must keep in mind when you are citing yourself. The following are some things to consider whether you are using APA or MLA:

  • Treat yourself as an author
  • Treat your previous work as an unpublished paper
  • Include it in the paper and in the reference list
  • Cite any previous sources you used
  • Follow the requirements of your style guide

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