How to Paraphrase without Changing the Meanning


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People rely on numerous techniques for paraphrasing. However, there are few tricks that work like a miracle for making the content excellent from every angle. Many sources share false or useless techniques for paraphrasing. You must focus on the trusted sites or books that share useful paraphrasing techniques. Have a look at few of the best techniques shared below:

  • Move the phrases and modifiers by changing the passive voice to active. It is the simplest technique to make any kind of content unique.
  • Read the whole passage with full concentration and understand it. then, create the unique content by writing what you’ve understood from every passage.
  • Keep the same meaning of each sentence by using negatives or reversals. For instance, you can write “it is impossible” as “it is not possible”.

Example of Paraphrasing Sentences – For Good and Bad Paragraphs

There is an example of paraphrasing sentences that will teach you to reword the content properly. For example, the good paraphrased version of “I wanted to be a part of your wedding ceremony” is “I planned to attend your wedding event”. The bad paraphrasing example of “This was my biggest mistake to trust you” is “It was my largest blunder to believe on you”. This is the clear difference that show how to paraphrase properly. This example of paraphrasing sentences would be quite helpful for you to understand the actual way of changing the words without affecting the meaning of content. You can do it by yourself without hiring any firm for the assistance of paraphrasing. The badly paraphrased sentences would result in rejection of your content. You can save yourself from poor grades if you’re a student by relying on useful tips for paraphrasing the content or order good paraphrasing service.

The Simple Paraphrasing Exercises

Putting the ideas of an author into your own words is said to be as paraphrasing. It is all about making the content unique without copying 1% of the text from the published draft. Follow one of the best simple paraphrasing exercises shared below:

  • Make sure that you write the content in your own words by avoiding to copy the existing phrases. It also helps a lot to improve your vocabulary.
  • Place the words in quotation marks if you use any phrases that are in original quote.
  • Remember that your written content is the actual concept of someone else. You need to add a citation for it. Start improving vocabulary skills.
  • Make a short list of words and quote’s main ideas if you’re having difficulty in paraphrasing. All the words and concepts must be incorporated in your phrases. This list is quite workable for everyone.

The best techniques for paraphrasing content can save your time and money. Read the most workable tricks that can make you able to create 100% unique content.