How to Rephrase a Sentence : Can Paraphrasing Apps Substitute Manual?

Pros and Cons of Manual Paraphrasing: Can Free Online Paraphrase Tool Replace Manual Process?

The manual rephrasing is considered as valuable as compared to the online methods of rewording content. None of any expert would suggest you to prefer online reword tool over manual paraphrasing.

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  • The more satisfied results with the possibility of 0% remaining errors.
  • The meaning of sentences won’t be changed unlike online paraphrasing tools.


  • Manual paraphrasing is quite time-taking task.
  • The constant focus on the content make you unable to perform any other mind-boggling task.
  • If you don’t have good vocabulary or grammar, then manual paraphrasing would be a disastrous experience for you.

Pros and Cons of Online Paraphrasing Tools


  • Free online paraphrase tool hardly takes few seconds or a minute to make the bulk content unique and ready to use.
  • It isn’t mind-consuming at all.
  • No need to have any physical tool i.e. pen, paper, highlighter, eraser etc.


  • The results are not satisfied as compared to manual paraphrasing.
  • The meanings of many sentences are changed that don’t appeal the readers at all.
  • Most of the time people have to make more corrections manually after using online tools for paraphrasing.
  • The more chances of your content’s rejection.
how to rephrase a sentence

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Does ‘Reword a Paragraph Generator’ Really Work?

It depends upon the ‘reword a paragraph generator’ that you’ve chosen for your online rephrase. However, most of the free tools doesn’t provide satisfactory results rather than the paid ones. Many experts don’t even rely on the paid online rephrasing tools. They consider that there is no alternative of manual paraphrasing.

Ways to Overcome the Cons of Manual and Online Paraphrasing

If we start from manual rephrasing, then the major disadvantage of it is to give a lot of time by paying full attention. Although, it isn’t a big issue if you’ve ample time for rewording the content. People who only trust on manual rephrasing also manage the time for getting the valuable content. The online tools, on the other hand, have more cons. Also, you can improve your techniques for paraphrasing. If the results aren’t satisfied, then you should choose the top-rated and trusted software. You can do it by reading the reviews or asking the people in online forums. Choosing the best free online paraphrase tool is really the biggest challenge. Once you get success in it, you’d really live with peace of mind. But all in all, it is not possible to sideline the manual rephrasing method due to its more effectiveness.

Know the right method that tells how to rephrase a sentence. Don’t search it here and there and read this article to get info about the importance of manual and online rephrasing.