Incredible Plagiarism Facts! You Can`t Even Imagine That!

plagiarism factsPlagiarism has always been an issue with many students and professionals alike that it is almost impossible not to be able to find a paper that is actually free from any copied content. The problem with this is that many are not taking plagiarism too seriously while others are assuming that only the younger ones are prone to copying content because they are not really adept in conveying their thoughts into words as of yet. This isn’t true, however, because even professionals often struggle with writing papers where they end up copying content to expedite matters. So what plagiarism facts do you know about that makes this writing mistake hard to eradicate?

Plagiarism Facts that Exist

You’re probably wondering why copied content still exists today when there are many scholars who are trying to eradicate this problem. Here are a few facts that you should know about plagiarism and why it is still prevalent today.

  • This isn’t a rising problem. Many assume that plagiarism isn’t really a problem but it is only considered as one because of the numerous plagiarism checkers online. Although there is truth in the fact that there are more plagiarism programs that are designed to detect copied content, the appearance of internet technology is actually making copying content easier because information is always accessible.
  • This is only a problem in countries that are non-native speakers. Although there is truth in this statement about non-English speaking countries copying content, they are not the only ones who are struggling to convey what they have in mind to their readers. As a matter of fact, even those who are in English speaking countries are also committing the same mistake in their papers.
  • Self-plagiarism is not a problem. You’re probably thinking how will it be considered plagiarism if you are copying what you have written before? However, literary and academic experts still see this as some form of plagiarism that is wasting their time and money. This is not accepted particularly in the field of research because you are not delivering anything new.
  • Plagiarists are caught easily. This statement is not entirely accurate because even though there are dozens of plagiarism checker out there, not all plagiarists are caught since there are limitations to this kind of service.

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Plagiarism Information – How to Avoid Plagiarism

What’s difficult about writing papers is that you are expected to come up with a unique statement that includes information from other sources but without copying anything from the original source. You’re probably wondering how you’re going to get this done when you have plenty of sources to go through. First, you need to read and understand the text that you want to rewrite to fully understand its meaning. Once you have grasped its meaning, you can go ahead and write it just the way you understood it. Second, you should compare your work with the existing one to determine if there are any similarities. You can use plagiarism checker to help speed things up. Third, you should rephrase or rewrite the errors you have committed until you are satisfied with your work.

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Professional Paraphrasing Team

The plagiarism facts that are mentioned above are simply an insight on how others perceive the idea of copied content. For many, they don’t really believe that there is anything wrong with copying text word for word but you should know better. After all, you can always hire our paraphrasing service to help rewrite your content so they will be unique to one another but still contain the same meaning.

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