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Do you know the possible consequences of plagiarism? It is a growing problem whether in the world of students or professionals. The problem is getting serious that it affects academics and industries. Now to tell you learn about the importance of paraphrasing a text later, learn about the possible consequences of committing plagiarism.

There are many consequences of plagiarism. It can be professional, legal, personal and ethical. Plagiarists can be journalists, authors, students, professionals and authors. Some consequences include a student’s destroyed reputation. He or she can be barred from entering a college or he or she can be suspended or expelled. Regarding professionals, they can damage their entire career. Some can be fired from work. For a legal repercussion, plagiarists can face copyright law violations. That’s why you need a text reworder help from professionals, who can ensure of original content.

Text Reworder: What Is Paraphrasing and Why Do It Correctly

The consequences of committing plagiarism are serious. You must avoid it at all cost to avoid the personal, ethical, academic and legal consequences. For that, you must know how to paraphrase and why do it correctly.

What is paraphrasing? To do a document reworder or rewrite any content, you must know what paraphrasing is. It is the process of rewriting or translating content from a source and turning it into your own writing, while you still have to cite the author later. By doing it, you can have unique content to avoid plagiarism.

Why do it properly? By doing it correctly, you can keep the meaning or message of the online paraphrasing or content. With it, you can also support your essay’s points better because you can back them up with the ideas of another author without copying him or her.  Doing it correctly, you can also show readers that you understand the main points presented by the author. Without even saying, to rephrase this text correctly means you can write in your own words, improve your writing and show that you understand the context of the passage you read.

Common Mistakes People Do When Paraphrasing

Many students and professionals do not know how to poem paraphrase correctly. Because of it, they failed at rewriting the source in their words and showing their understanding of what they read. With improper rewriting, they also failed at making their work original. In that case, they commit plagiarism. What are the most common mistakes of people when they do rewriting?

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Check out the following for tips from text rewriter online on what problems are commonly faced by people who don’t know how to paraphrase:

  • Not reading and understanding the passage well: One of the most common mistakes in rewriting is not reading and understanding the text well. Many people read once or just skim the content without understanding the point of the author. Avoid this problem by reading the text a couple of times until you fully understood it.
  • Committing plagiarism: Not doing an originality check is also a problem. For some people, they fail at giving credit to the source and properly paraphrasing text. This makes them commit plagiarism.
  • Not spending enough time on double-checking their work to find mistakes and plagiarism: You must double-check your work for spelling, grammar and plagiarism to ensure that you’re submitting a stellar paper you will be proud of and that will build your readers’ trust.
  • Keeping the same structure as the original source in their paper: Do not use the same structure in your essay. If you do, you might commit plagiarism. Make use of different sentence type combination and come up with a writing style of your own.
  • Not citing the source of the information: Even if you’re rewriting, you must not forget about highlighting the source of information. It could be written in the footer section or reference page. You can also include it in-text.
  • Not enclosing direct statements inside quotation marks: Some people mistakenly add direct statements from sources but not enclosing inside of quotation marks. This is also plagiarism. You must avoid it by putting all direct statements inside of quotation marks.
  • Using synonyms to change words: Don’t switch out words with their synonyms if those replacements will change the meaning of the text. You must make sure that those synonyms and word replacements would give the same meaning when you read the passage after.
  • Not getting help when they need it: If you’re struggling to rephrase this text, you must seek help from the pros who can help and ensure that your essay will be original.

Why Using Professional Paraphrasing Services Is Better Than Online Tools

If you’re looking to enhance your results and come up with a flawless paraphrased text, then you should choose a professional service than using online tools.

  • Message: Only a human editor and writer can understand the meaning of the content you’re trying to rewrite. A tool certainly just can’t.
  • Editing: The pros are the only ones who can ensure that your paper will be free from structure, spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes better than automatic tools.
  • Emotion: Human rewriters can convey not only the right message but also the proper emotion. They understand the purpose of the text: entertainment, education, solutions… and they can show that in their writing.

How Our Best Text Rewriter Can Help

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