Patchwrite Plagiarism: How to Detect and Fight


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Important Details about This Content Recreating Technique

The failed attempt at paraphrasing is known as patchwriting. In this type of rewording technique, the writers keep the same syntax and vocabulary of text by changing tenses and rearranging phrases. In short, it becomes equal to effortless task that requires nothing but reorganizing of words and adjusting tenses. The duplicate text checking tools are capable enough to detect the plagiarism by showing the original source of fake recreation of content. The patchwrite plagiarism software must only be used if it is being offered from a trusted source. Many unprofessional and newbie writers do such mistakes like patchwriting. They actually aren’t familiar with the right ways of rephrasing the content. Other than the patchwrite plagiarism tool, the simple text duplication checking software can also detect this type of plagiarism. To be aware about professional way of avoiding plagiarism in high school or any other keep reading.

Most Common Types of Plagiarism People Are Not Aware of

Plagiarism or stealing someone’s content has numerous other types that must be discussed with everyone. Here are most common reason for plagiarism and its types shared below:

  • Accidental plagiarism: the rephrasing of text by using identical sentence structure, groups of words, misquotes the sources and avoid to cite them is known as accidental plagiarism.
  • Mosaic plagiarism: the content that is created by adding synonyms while keeping to the similar meaning and general structure without using quotation marks is said to be as Mosaic Plagiarism.
  • Self-plagiarism: copying your own prior work by combining it into various parts without the consent of the teacher/professor is known as Self plagiarism.
  • Direct plagiarism: the exact transcription of other’s work with no inclusion of quotation symbols and attribution is known as Direct Plagiarism. In short, it is to imitate the 100% content directly without making any changes in it.

Rules for Citing Internet Sources

Citation is considered as important thing to do for preventing content from plagiarism. There are few important citing internet sources rules shared here:

  • Acknowledge the quote by naming the author and placing it inside quotation symbols whenever you use a direct quote.
  • Place the credit within your research paper and at the concluding part in bibliography whenever you paraphrase content.
  • Naming the creator or artist below the image whenever you use any kind of artwork i.e. images.
  • Never forget to cite content in research papers by using parenthetical remarks, endnotes and footnotes.

These rules are best to cite your content and save it from getting the tag of copied work. Share these rules with others to let them know about citation’s useful information. The expert writers highly rely upon adding citations and also suggest it to others.

Get the detailed information about patchwrite plagiarism, common types of plagiarism and rules for citation. Improve your writing skills and make your written text 100% plagirims free.