Rewrite My Thesis: How to Get the Needed Help

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By simply typing ‘rewrite my thesis’ on the search tab, you can find online rewriters to help you with it as well as on resume rewording. However, it takes a thorough inspection and keen objectivity to choose the right one. Before you drown with those online offers, (which probably not all legitimate services) here are some ideas, expert tips, and useful thoughts for your quest for the right thesis reworder.

A thesis is one of the prerequisite papers that students of graduate and undergraduates need to complete to finish their course. It is probably one of the hardest requirements to fulfill but the most rewarding in the academe. Most students are searching for thesis rewriter to help them reword their researches and compile them into a substantial content.

Plagiarism What Will It Cause You?

You often hear or read plagiarism jokes when someone is caught copying someone else’s work. Don’t let this happen to you. Here are some of the consequences of plagiarism that you might be facing when you commit this distasteful act. Plagiarism is the act of displaying someone else’s ideas or craft and claiming it to be your own. It does not matter if you have the original author’s consent. Once you use any part of someone else’s work without complete credit, you are already committing plagiarism. In academic writing, it is important to understand the consequences of plagiarism. Here are some of them, so you are warned.

  • It can ruin your character as a student: Schools uphold high standard for when it comes to students’ publishing – from simple homework article down to student speeches. Plagiarism is considered a major offense in any educational institution. Hundreds of students have been expelled or discredited due to plagiarism. Upon typing ‘rephrase my thesis’ online, verify the service first, as some of them are just article spinner.
  • It destroys professional credibility of a person: As a professional, you must uphold the integrity of your profession and the business you represent. Using plagiarized articles can ruin both your credibility as an employee and the company. Employees who are caught of this crime are tainted resumes, finding it difficult to find another job.
  • It can ruin your future in the academe: Colleges and universities are keen in spotting plagiarized essays from applicants. A plagiarized application can delay, if not destroy your future to get a college degree. Published materials such as thesis should pass more than a thesis reworder.
  • It has legal consequences: Plagiarism is not an exemption to penalized crimes. There are copyright violations, patent infringement, and other corresponding laws intended to reprimand violators. Aside from monetary implications (which is very high), violators find guilty of plagiarism can also face years in prison. Rephrasing the thesis and editing it several times can help you escape those crimes.

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Experts Take on Plagiarism

For many writers, a thesis reworded is not free from plagiarism. Sometimes, the paraphrasing techniques are too weak that the original context is still obvious. Here are some of the experts’ ideas when it comes to plagiarism.

  • Joelle Renstrom, a teacher, says that she knows plagiarism when she sees it.
  • Scott Ragin published a study Plagiarism in Academic Writing: How to Identify and Avoid It.
  • Dr. Crystal Sands admitted that plagiarism is a complicated part of our culture.
  • According to Kelly McBride, “when we focus too narrowly on the issue of plagiarism, we ignore the bigger issue of intellectual honesty.”
  • Tim Perfect acknowledges the human memory as a powerful tool in remembering events, which is a good tool in paraphrasing.
  • “As for the broader context of taking ideas and presenting them as new, well, that happens all the time, sometimes knowingly and sometimes accidentally.” – Emily Bell

Common Mistakes in Paraphrasing: What to Do Avoid Them

Upon typing ‘rewrite my thesis’ on the search tab, you should also extend more effort to ensure that the finished work is error-free. The following are among the common mistakes committed when paraphrasing and what should you do to avoid them.

  • Do not just change words around the original text: When rephrasing the thesis, read the whole article first, list down the important ideas and begin to create your own words.
  • Some people just don’t know how to acknowledge: There are numerous ways to acknowledge someone else’s work. You can use cite them or use their quotes followed by the author’s name, book, and date of publication.
  • Without understanding the content: The main problem and error that most people commit is just rewording the text without really understanding the message of the text. You need to read and understand the context for you to be able to write it on your own words.
  • Grammatical errors: This is a faulty error in any document. Check your grammar when paraphrasing. Edit for several times to ensure that there are no obvious trace of the original text. Do not switch tenses and person. Check for punctuation and spelling.
  • Failure to compare with the original: When you’re done paraphrasing, make sure that you compare it with your resource material. This is to ensure that the words and structure of your document is nowhere near to the original text.
  • Restating the intro at the end: Your conclusion should be a summary of what the article or thesis is all about, not just a repetition. Write a separate summary stating the message of the article.

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Getting Professional Help

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