Unacceptable: Worst Cases of Paraprasing Plagiarism


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Examples and Their Overview

There are many possible ways of avoiding the mistakes in paraphrasing. However, it isn’t as simple as you think. Therefore, the mistakes happen and all you can do is to rectify them in an appropriate manner. Here are few helpful examples of wrong paraphrasing with the justified explanation of their correct versions. One of the worst examples of paraphrasing plagiarism is being discussed here. That why you have to be attentive while using reword sentences online tools.

  • Correct Sentence:

A beautiful girl with the respectable income and from a good family might be thought as poor

  • Incorrect Sentence:

A handsome lady with the reasonable income and well-off family background is said to be as unsuitable for marriage.

  • Reason:

There are various mistakes included in the wrong sentence. First of all, the word handsome isn’t used for female gender. It’s better to use the word good or sufficient instead of reasonable with the income. The last four words hasn’t been changed which never shows the actual way of rephrasing. Paraphrasing is about changing the words or sentences properly without adapting the actual meaning. The use of wrong substitute words has also changed the sentence’s structure.

How Paraphrasing and Summarizing Differ to Each Other?

When you put the actual concept in your own words to draw out the key points with the inclusion of only major issues is known as Summarizing. On the other hand, changing the major concept of the content in your own words by condensing it slightly and taking somewhat broader segment is called paraphrasing. The paraphrasing and summarizing are quite similar terms as per their meanings. For paraphrasing, the number of words of the document must be almost equal to the actual content’s draft. However, the summarizing is about lessening the word count by summing up the whole story in 20 to 30 percent words of the whole document. If you don’t know how to rephrase a sentence, you can check it out in more our posts.

Academic Writing Paraphrasing: How to Check Academic Content for Plagiarism?

There are many plagiarism tools available that also check the academic content’s uniqueness. You simply need to use any of such tools for checking the plagiarism of your academic paper. Make sure that your chosen platform has good online rating and best reviews by the users. The academic writing paraphrasing is quite simple for every writer. It is very similar to the rewording method of a simple article. You can use reversals or passive voices to make the content unique without changing their meaning. For the ideal paraphrasing of your academic content, you should read the passage again and again. Develop a new sentence with the same meaning and write it. It is quite difficult to find synonymous words of academic content so you’ve to amend the whole sentences by writing these in your own words.

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