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Would You Need Support with Paraphrasing a Technical Paper?

Technical writing is something that has a very different style to other forms of writing. Often you will be seeking to explain something or to provide instruction in subject areas such as engineering and other fields. Technical paraphrasing seeks to rewrite the information in a way that will be easy for your audience to understand while being unique if compared back to the original work. Paraphrasing words in this field of writing can be far harder than many others as a high level of understanding is required.

Technical writing should always be done in a concise manner that is straightforward and easy to understand. This can make rewriting it difficult as often it will already be written in the simplest manner. Because of the difficulties that are involved when you paraphrase technical paper paragraphs and other documents it is often best to seek out professional support that can deliver the work that you require.

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Different Types of Technical Writing Assignments We Can Help You With

Being able to rewrite technical language is not a skill that all have. Also being able to simplify technical information in a way that anyone can understand is far from easy. This is why so many will want to find support with their technical writing. Our technical article rewriter can help you with all forms of projects and assignments such as:

Training manuals

From learning how to use a piece of equipment through to understanding company processes our specialists can help you with rewriting manuals just the way that you need them. From making them simpler to understand or adapting them to meet different situations our specialists can help you.

Operation guides

Our technical writing assignment help is always fully qualified in the area of the writing that you need doing. This ensures that they will be able to fully understand the original guide to ensure that the work produced is accurate.

Promotional brochures

Ensuring that your brochures are targeted to your intended audience in an effective manner can be difficult. This is why our technical writers are carefully selected to ensure that you get the best from their help.

Online articles

Writing engaging copy for the internet can be harder than for many other mediums. We can help to ensure that your writing is going to engage your readers and get the outcome that you are searching for.

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Why Is Technical Paraphrasing so Hard?

Technical paraphrasing is often harder than many other forms due to the often complex nature of the original writing. Paraphrasing a technical paper is not a matter of just swapping each word for a synonym. Not if you want the results to be readable. Paraphrasing is about translating the meaning of the original text into your own words. So if you are unable to fully understand the source material then there is no chance that you will be able to paraphrase it.

You must also be able to communicate well in your field. You have to understand the audience that you are writing for and must be able to write in a way that is concise and to the point. With rewriting manuals and other technical documents this can be doubly hard as often the source material will already be written in the most concise way possible so it can be difficult to rewrite it into completely different words.
In summary technical writing can be difficult to paraphrase because:

  • You have to be able to fully understand the subject area.
  • You have to know all of the terminology and abbreviations that may be used.
  • You have to know the way to deliver the information to the intended audience.
  • You have to fully understand how to do technical writing that is informative and concise.

Top 3 Golden Rules of Rewriting Information

When you rewrite something you need to fully understand the reasons for doing so as well as who the intended audience will be. Often you will rewrite technical information to make it more understandable for your audience, while other times you may be simply looking to reuse text without falling foul of plagiarism rules. Always remember:


The words used should always be your own and should fully reflect the meaning of the original text. There is no need to keep the information in the same order as the source as long as you cover the original meaning,


If you have to reuse any of the original text then you should give credit to the original source. This is through a formal citation within the text in the correct style for your document and by enclosing the quoted text within quotation marks.


Summaries will seek to only repeat the most important or relevant points from the source. Unlike a paraphrase, they will be much shorter than the source text but must still be written in your own words without repeating any of the original.

The Advantages of Using Our Technical Article Rewriter

Whether you are looking for a medical text paraphraser online or someone to do technical information rewriting for operation manuals you need someone that is an expert in the field of the writing. Using a service such as ours ensures that you will be paired with a rewriting expert that will hold a higher degree in the field of the writing. This ensures a full understanding of the source material. All of our rewriting experts have years of experience and can provide you with a well-written piece of work that will be targeted to your audience without any form of plagiarism.

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The Benefits of Using Our Paraphrasing Services

If you are looking for affordable and reliable support with your technical paraphrasing then you need to look no further than our professional help. We provide you with access to fully qualified rewriters that are fully qualified and experienced at what they do as well as some of the best support you will find anywhere online:

  • Dedicated teams of editors. All rewritten text is carefully checked to ensure that is error-free and targeted perfectly for your audience.
  • Fully confidential support. None of the information that is rewritten or your personal information is ever shared with other parties.
  • Plagiarism free text. Not only are our experts highly experienced at providing unique text.

Finish your technical paraphrasing to the highest standard by contacting our professional and reliable rewriting services!